Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Quiet Place

Jeff Minkevics, art director for 5 Rivers Publishing, has put together the cover for my next short story collection and 5R has unleashed it upon the world. Before I say anything, I'm going to post it:

So, super awesome, right?
I told him I'm really thrilled to see this as a paperback, as I've never had a white cover on a book before. Apparently, he's planning on having the blood wrap around to the back, and use it as a background for the back cover copy.

I've never met Jeff, who is from Calgary, but he's done some really fantastic work for 5R on the past few books they've released. Derryl Murphy's yellowjacket cover for "Wasps at the Speed of Sound" especially caught my eye. I was interested to see which direction he was going to go when it came to my shorts. A marble statue bleeding from the eyes? Did this guy reach into my brain when I was sleeping and play in the worms he found there? I'm just asking, because I've been dreaming of handprints on my frontasl lobe lately.

I've also received the galleys for AQP, and will have them back to the publisher by Oct. 20. I have been told the book release is being pushed up a bit, so stay tuned! It could be closer than you think.

As for content, A Quiet Place is another collection of published and new material, and will probably be the last short fiction collection I put out for a while. With work on "Living Dead" progressing nicely, I will be focusing on getting a few more novels out there (next year).